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Analyze & Monitor

Analyze & Monitor Post Performance

How SocialGrow Analytics works

Login and you can view analytics and performance from your recent posts to gain valuable information on Audience Insights including a breakdown of total likes (Organic, Paid, Unlines and Net Likes) as well as Reach (Paid and Organic), Engagement (Comments and Shares) as well as Posting Habits.

Monitor Post Efficiency

SocialGrow’s platform tracks your Post Efficiency. This is the sum of likes, shares, comments, clicks and visits of your post divided into the number of their total reach which displays a level of interest in your post to monitor overall efficiency of each post.


Take Control with Powerful Analytics

Gain Audience Insights, monitor post Engagement, track your Reach, view Posting Habits and review overall post performance with SocialGrow’s powerful analytics tools, allowing you to better understand your audience and create highly effective and engaging content!

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