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Is it possible to connect more then one LinkedIn profile?

YES! You might have noticed that you can’t add your Facebook personal profile as a separate page to your SocialGrow account. Nor you can associate it with more than one profile. But luckily it is possible with LinkedIn!
In order to add another LinkedIn personal profile, you need to authorize in it in the same browser at www.linkedin.com.
Then go to your SocialGrow Calendar and find Connect More icon in the left-side bar.
Pick the profile you need, hit Connect button and here are your LinkedIn profiles listed.


How can I sign out from my account?

In order to log out from your SocialGrow account, follow these steps:

1. In the top right corner of your dashboard find your account avatar picture.

2. Once clicked, you’ll see a drop down menu. Select Sign Out button in order to log out.

What is Animated Post?

Animated Post is a moving visual in GIF format. It is fun, interactive and engaging. GIFs are one of the most viral and popular content types at social media networks. Now ready-to-go posts are available at SocialGrow Post Ideas Library.

How to use SocialGrow Animated Posts?

For now, Animated Posts are not editable. However, we’ve created them to fit perfectly into every social media feed and to look great both on desktop and mobile.

To post or schedule SocialGrow Animated Post:

  • Go to the Animated Library section
  • Click on Preview to watch Animation
  • Schedule it to your social media pages or post them right away
How to post your own Animated Posts?

You can also publish your own GIFs with PromoRepublic

To post or schedule your own Animated Post::

  • Click on ‘Create Post’ button in Main menu or Time Slot in Calendar
  • Choose “Upload Photo/GIF/Video” in Post Editor to upload you Animated Post
  • Schedule it to your social media pages or post them right away

There is a restriction for the size of GIF you upload. Your Animated Post should be no bigger than 15 MB and minimum dimension600x600px.

Which Social Networks support Animated Posts?

You can post Animation to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Unfortunately, Instagram and LinkedIn do not support GIF format.

Why Animated Posts are effective for your social media channels?

Animated Posts show higher engagement rate comparing to the pictures and links. It’s interactive and eye-catchy content, so you can definitely stand along in the social feed. And it’s so fun to watch!

Why am I getting Access Denied?

Sometimes there are glitches in the system. All you need to do is refresh your SocialGrow dashboard and it should go away.
If it persists, then you are probably trying to access a functionality that doesn’t exist in your account.
Every hiccup will be attended to by our technical team so feel free to reach out to support@gramgrowi.io. Provide a detailed step-by-step with screenshots or video if you can, and we’ll get right on it.

How can I make a draft of a template?

In order to make a draft of a template that you are looking to use as a post in future, click on ‘Save’ in the Editor’s working field.


Later, when you wish to go back to it, you can easily find this image in ‘Saved’ tab in the Editor left bar menu.


Why Can’t I Click Buttons?

There can be a lot of reasons to cause this to happen:

  • Browser and it’s extensions
  • Built-in plugins
  • Anti-virus program on your PC
  • VPN service
  • Your computer cache is overloaded.

If you use Google Chrome as your main browser, then these guides might come in handy. Usually, this browser is SocialGrow friendly, though sometimes its’ specific extensions obstruct the normal work of our platform.
Solution is to turn off all the extensions, such as Ad Blocker, or change browser to the one not Chromium-based. Plain Internet Explorer or Opera will do.
If the previous step doesn’t work, the problem might be in your anti-virus program and/or firewall, try to disable those and post something via SocialGrow.
Last, but not the least is in case you are OS X user, after High Sierra update Safari browser can cause some misconnection with PromoRepublic too.
As prompted earlier, try using a different browser. And don’t forget to clean your current browser cache and the one of your computer.

Why are my posts not being published?

It may happen at times that you see a not-published post marked as red in the Calendar. Why can it happen?
Different reasons may cause it, such as insufficient rights on the page or inappropriate content or so many others.
Due to the system specifics, we do not display the reason in your Calendar dashboard. Instead, we encourage you to contact us, and we will investigate your account along with the page.
That is why, please, provide us with the page ID when submitting a request.
In order to know the page ID, open it in the Calendar and take a look at the address line. There in the middle of the text you will see the ID (see an example below).

Are All The Posts In Calendar Scheduled Automatically?

All the posts that appear in Upcoming Events tab are just our ideas to be considered for posts. SocialGrow does not post anything on your behalf. Therefore, all the content suggestions will be posted only if you schedule them.
Once you pick an idea, check it out in My Content section.

Can I use SocialGrow templates for other purposes?

According to the Section 11 of our Terms of Service, you are not permitted to publish or use in any other way any of the templates in the library of SocialGrowfor any other purposes than for the use in social media. This means that you cannot apply the templates for catalog publishing, book cover printing etc. By a template we mean a piece of content created by our content producers.
All images are photo-stock so don’t worry about licenses; we have you covered. By a photo-stock picture we mean an image taken from a royalty free image storage in the Internet.

Is my personal data protected?

SocialGrow is committed to transparency, privacy, and choice. We’ve recently updated our Privacy Policy to clarify how we protect your personal information in keeping with the European Union’s (EU) new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which became effective on May 25, 2018.

Here are some updates we want to make sure you know about:

We are as committed as ever to keeping your data private and protected. Our updated Privacy Policy outlines how it is protected and used while using our services.

Transparency & Choice
We believe you should have control over your data. The Privacy Policy outlines how we collect and use your personal data and the choices available to you.

Our Privacy Policy has been updated to make them more clear for you to understand.

Given the above revisions are just highlights, we encourage you to read the full edition of the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service to make sure you understand the changes.

View our Privacy Policy here: gramgrow.io/privacy

How many personal pages can I add?

When it comes to connecting Facebook or LinkedIn business pages, your SocialGrow account must be synchronized with a personal profile that has Editor or Admin rights on these pages.
By this we mean that such a Facebook or LinkedIn profile must be authorized in the same browser at www.facebook.com or www.linkedin.com.
For Facebook the bond can be done by connecting a business page. Its Admin or Editor Profile is automatically attached to your SocialGrow account as the host.
For LinkedIn the bond can be set by adding a LinkedIn personal Profile first or adding a company page first.
Thus, your SocialGrow account has a specific Facebook or LinkedIn profile associated with it.
According to the system specifics, you can connect your SocialGrow account with only one Facebook personal profile. But as for LinkedIn you can associate your account with more than one LinkedIn personal profile. In order to do this, log into this profile in the same browser. Also, you do not need to stay authorized in it for further usage unlike you must when posting to Facebook pages.
Please note that this possibility is included in Business and Agency plans only.

How Do I Choose A Post Size?

Different social media networks have different image size requirements, so an image size suitable for Facebook won`t do, for example, for Twitter and vice versa. In order to ensure that all your social media posting needs are covered we implemented several image sizes for different social media networks.

In the Graphics Editor, you can create visuals for:

  • Facebook post (940×788)
  • Facebook cover (works only for download) (820×312)
  • Facebook ad (works only for download) (1200×628)
  • Instagram post (1080×1080)
  • Instagram Story post (1080×1920)
  • Twitter post (1024×512)
  • LinkedIn post (1400×800)
  • Pinterest (735×1102).
    • In addition, there is a square size of 800×800 pixels.
      Once you get redirected to the Editor, you are offered to choose the appropriate size in the pop-up window.


      Be advised that SocialGrow templates are optimized for Facebook Posts (940 x 788). Also, be careful when you plan to submit your post to several social media networks simultaneously – pictures DO NOT resize automatically. That is why pay your attention to the fact that the artwork is not resized when you change the original template size to a different one.
      So, what would you do if you want to use a Facebook size post to publish it to your Instagram Story?

      • You chose a template that originally was assigned Facebook post size.
      • Next you get redirected to the Editor. In the top left corner size box is located. Click it to choose the Instagram Story mode.


      The size will be changed, though the artwork won’t be automatically adjusted accordingly.


      Click the design, drag it by the corners, replace the wording and other objects, change their size if needed. Eventually, you will adjust the visual manually.


      Any post exceeding the number of symbols will be neither posted nor scheduled, so make sure to keep the text of your post within the characters limit.

Why does it say Published by Social Post and Can I remove it?

You might have seen Social Post label under your posts in your Facebook feed.
Posts published to Facebook business pages or groups will appear with the ‘Published by Social Post’ text.
The signature cannot be removed according to Facebook requirements that a third-party service as Promo Republic must label posts with such an inscription.